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Balance in the open office space

There are often a number of activities taking place simultaneously in the office, each generating their own level of noise. The provision of ample space for (temporary) seclusion helps maintain a workable balance in the workplace. Not only that, but the greater demand for video-calling requires a solution in which employees can share the open space while being able to work for short or extended periods in isolation. This solution comes in the shape of the Qabin Chat.    


Speech level reduction class B in accordance with ISO 23351


Sufficient for 1 complete air refreshment per minute


Complete ergonomic workplace

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Privacy and contact

Qabin Chat provides privacy. Do you need to spend a longer period in the box? The glazing allows you to stay in contact with your surroundings. The height-adjustable desk enables you to work while seated or standing.

Set up according to preference

Qabin Chat is available in a range of configurations (see the examples on this page). The configuration that suits your organisation best depends on what you primarily wish to use the box for. Working, video calling or meeting, for example. Each version of the Qabin Chat can be fitted with video conferencing tools.
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‘Qabin Chat provides the optimum balance between acoustics and ventilation.’

Easy to assemble and relocate  

Our fitters assemble the Qabin boxes on location. You then simply move the boxes into place using the built-in castors. The smart system means that the components can be fitted or screwed together easily. Should a repair become necessary in the future, components can easily be replaced. This helps extend the lifespan of the box.

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Qabin Call, Qabin Chat, Sliding Door Cabinet, Balance, Ease, Recharge 165, Pyramid, Well   landscapexl


    The basics
  • Adjustable air ventilation and light switch
  • Standard power supply: 1x power and 1x USB charger
  • Interior finish: soft sound-absorbent wool
  • Magnetic door closure
  • Recyclable carpet with low pile for heavy wear
    The options
  • Whiteboard
  • Coat hook
  • Choice of interiors suited for different activities
  • Integrated castors to move the Chat easily
Qabin Chat, Balance, Ease, Concentration Corner, Switch, Sliding door Cabinet, ZINN   landscapexl

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