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Royal Ahrend Well trestle base chairs fully upholsterered in pink and grey at Kvadrat store in Amsterdam DSF3197
Royal Ahrend Inspiration Centre in Amsterdam DSF3309

Unique design

A limitless number of possibilities await you. One shell fits eight different frames. By adjusting the frame, shell, colour and upholstery to your own taste, you create a custom chair that fits perfectly in any space or interior. A sleek design, rewarded with the Red Dot: Best of Best Award 2019 and the GIO 2017.

Exceptional seating comfort

Experience the comfort of a desk chair, in the form of a visitor, dining or meeting chair. The unique shape of the seat and back perfectly supports you, allowing you to sit comfortably for a long time. The unique design of the shell supports your back, while the remainder of your weight is distributed across the seat. The curve in the backrest ensures there are no uncomfortable pressure points.
Well, Balance 4 poot, S25   landscapem
‘Sit Well. Feel Well. Look Well’

Royal Ahrend Well chairs in yellow green and blue at Kvadrat store in Amsterdam L1000669
Well, Move it   landscapew
Royal Ahrend Well sled base chair fully upholstered in green at Kvadrat store in Amsterdam L1000848
Well, Aero   landscapem
Royal Ahrend Well trestle base chair fully upholstered in pink at Kvadrat store in Amsterdam L1000728
Royal Ahrend Well trestle base chair fully upholstered in pink at Kvadrat store in Amsterdam L1000591

Well Circular Black

As part of the Well Collection, the Well Circular Black is the latest circular version. The seat shell is made of polypropylene; a 100% recycled post-consumer plastic. No concessions have been made to design, comfort or quality.

Ahrend is the first brand to market a fully recycled design chair of such quality. The deep black colour of the polypropylene gives the Circular Black a powerful look.

The Circular Black shell can be combined with all the bases of the Well Collection. Do you opt for an aluminium base? Then the frame is made of secondary raw materials. For the black metal bases, we use a C2C powder paint.

Well   squarem
Well, Well Work   landscapexl

Well Work

Met de Well Work wissel je nu ook zittend en staand werken af aan een hoge tafel. Ideaal dus wanneer je ingericht bent op activity based working en een zo groot mogelijke diversiteit aan werkomgevingen wilt aanbieden aan je medewerkers.


  • Aluminium 5-ster onderstel, verstelbaar in hoogte, draaibaar
  • Optioneel met armleuning
  • Finish van het onderstel, armleuning en de voetring in hoogglans, gepolijst aluminium
  • Zithoogte verstelbaar:
    • Plastic zitkuip: 585-830mm
    • Opdekstoffering: 596-846mm
    • Omgestoffeerd: 585-835mm

Well Armchair

The Well Armchair is designed with the same shape as the Well seat without armrests. This chair offers optimum comfort, identical to the rest of the collection but in a seat that surrounds you. Manufactured completely from recycled PET felt.


  • Available on wire frame, four-spoke, four-leg, five-leg and wooden four-spoke base
  • Available in light grey and anthracite
  • With optional separate upholstered cushion
Ahrend Well felt armchairs with different frames in industrial setting
‘'We wanted to create a versatile chair, it had to be beautiful, but most importantly, it's very comfortable.'’
Well   squarem

About the designer

Kees de Boer was born in 1969. After a course in automobile engineering at a technical secondary school from 1986 to 1990, he went on to study at the Academy for Industrial Design (now The Design Academy) in Eindhoven until 1996 where he chose the specialism Man & Work.

During his time in Eindhoven, he gained work experience in the design department of Studio Villa, Paolo Villa Industrial Design, in Milan in 1995. He worked on his graduation project at Dona Consult in Tilburg. After completing his studies, he worked as an industrial designer for Duvedec International bv in Veldhoven in 1997. He has been employed as a designer by Ahrend Produktiebedrijf Zwanenburg bv since 1997.



    Seat properties
  • Sturdy plastic seat with an attractive texture, cushioned upholstery on part or the whole of the seat
  • Fabric or leather covering
  • The plastic moulding is available in a range of colours to match the frame coating colours
  • Circular Black moulded seat: made of polypropylene, a 100% recycled post-consumer plastic
  • Armchair: felt seat of 100% recycled PET felt
    Frame properties
  • Eleven different frames, from subtle wire frame and classic star base to wooden four-leg
  • Frames in polished aluminium, coated metal or wood
  • Create a matching tonal effect with the frame and seat in the same coating colour
Royal Ahrend Well sled base chair fully upholstered in green at Kvadrat store in Amsterdam L1000870

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