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It's time to make a Call for silence

Our working environment is changing rapidly. With open-plan offices, flexible workplaces and multimedia, we are more connected than ever. At the same time, we are more distracted and stressed than ever. We're surrounded by sound. Everywhere and at any time.

Stress has become a common emotion. Without silence, the risk of burnout, depression, heart disease and Alzheimer's increases. Well-being, learning, recall and creativity become more challenging. With silence, we work more effectively and feel more alive. With less stress, we make fewer errors and absenteeism is reduced too.

‘The Silence CALL brings silence back to our workplace. For increased creativity and greater focus. For rest. It's time to make a CALL for silence.’

Choose how you want to work

Discover the next generation of space-in-space solutions. The Silence CALL responds to the increasing need for flexibility, activity-based work and makes room for silence.

The best acoustic performance on the market

Choose the highest quality of silence. The Silence CALL offers a noise reduction of up to 47 dB. A functional solution for undisturbed and concentrated working in an open-plan office space.
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Royal Ahrend Silence Call cabine in black with hand free door opener and integrated video conference capabilities with hygenic panel Front left detail view


Video conferencing is growing in popularity as a means of consultation. In open office spaces the Silence Call enables this type of consultation to take place with minimum inconvenience for both the user and the immediate environment, so that everyone can remain focused on their work. The Silence Call can be equipped with video conferencing tools in order to provide the best possible conditions for remote consultation.

Responsible co-working

The Silence Call is a flexible space-in-space solution, which can be placed anywhere in the open office. It enables you to create space wherever users need it. The Call can be fitted with a door mechanism that opens with the push of a forearm. Another option is a wipeable plastic screen behind the table. An in-use indicator which remains lit until the air has been adequately scrubbed by the inbuilt filters allows for responsible collective use. The Call comes with a protocol for use and cleaning, as well as signage, to ensure compliance with hygiene measures.
Royal Ahrend Silence Call cabine in black with hand free door opener front left view

Silence in over 100 colours

Style the Silence Call to your own taste and complement your corporate identity. Choose from over 100 beautiful colours in Divina, Divina MD and Divina Melange, all made from durable materials.

Royal Ahrend Silence Call phonebooth front view
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    The basics
  • Sensor switches on and off light and ventilation automatically
  • Ergonomically designed table for use with mobile devices
  • 100% Plug & Play
  • Standard electrification: one power socket and two USB chargers
  • Easy to move and relocate with integrated wheels
  • The interior: walls are finished in two colours, with soft and sound absorbing felt
    The options
  • Add a rotatable stool that is height-adjustable
  • Tabletop is available in three different finishes: black, white or oak
  • Fabric on the outside is available in Divina, Divina MD and Divina Melange, all made from durable materials