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Acoustic and flexible system

The panel system used in the Living Wall has a sound-dampening effect achieved through the fillings and upholstery. The panels can be used to cover the full width and height of the wall. Alternatively, a single panel or a strip of panels can mounted on the wall.

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Function-related modules

Living Wall can be fitted with function-related panels. The panels are interchangeable and allow flexible configuration, meaning that they can be designed to suit the activity of the user. For example, the wall can be fitted with a panel containing a small bench seat, or one with a telephone booth.

Acoustic comfort

We work more effectively and feel more vital in an environment with acoustic comfort. With less stress, fewer mistakes and less absenteeism. Pleasant acoustics start with a good interior.
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‘The wall comes to life when panels of different sizes, colours and functionalities are added.’

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Living Wall   landscapem
Living Wall   landscapem
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    The basics
  • Modular system
  • Upholstered cold foam MDF panels provide an acoustic effect
  • Panels available in a variety of sizes, shapes, material finishes and colours
  • Panels are interchangeable and allow for flexible configuration
  • Optimum use of space at no added cost per square metre
    The options
  • Panels upholstered in textiles or synthetics
  • Universal panels
  • Stand aid
  • Stand table
  • Armrest
  • Open cabinet
  • Telephone booth
  • Seat
    The dimensions
  • All panels have a modular assembly size of 80 x 40 cm
  • The telephone booth module measures 80 x 80 cm (double module)
  • A black baseboard with a height of 5 cm is fitted where the wall meets the ground.
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