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Optimal Acoustics

In a room with poor acoustics, productivity drops by 66% and the health risk of cardiovascular disease and stress increases. That is why good acoustics are indispensable in the vitalising work environment. Ahrend S50 panels are a smart choice to improve the acoustic climate. These panels are tested according to NEN-EN-ISO 11654 and have a class C acoustic value.

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  • Two types: S25 (25 mm thick) and S50 (50 mm thick)
  • Lightweight construction
  • Sustainable fabrics with mono backing
  • Weight: S25: 17.1 kg and S50: 11.1 kg
  • S50: Replaceable fabric cover
  • S50: Recycled acoustic filling
  • S50: Acoustic value class C (NEN-EN-ISO 11654)
  • Standards: ANSI-BIFMA M7.1 e3-furniture, ANSI/BIFMA M7.1.6 Level e3 VOC emissions test, EN13501-1
  • Choice of various heights and widths
  • Available with straight or rounded corners, or a combination thereof)
  • Mounting on front and/or side of workspace
  • Choice of various fabrics, see brochure under downloads on this page for all options
  • Upholstery with trim finish
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The S25 panel has a thickness of 25 mm, while the S50 panel is 50 mm thick. They are available in various heights and widths. The height at the top of the panels matches that of other Ahrend products, such as the sliding door cabinets. The result is a sense of calm when they are in the same room. You can choose straight or rounded corners, or a combination thereof. The panels can be mounted at the front and/or side of the workspace.

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In the design of all our products, we work according to the circular design strategy, and this is also the case with the S25 and S50 panels. With the aim of: Promoting the long-term (re-)use of components and materials and preventing raw materials from becoming waste. The panels are designed for reuse according to circular design principles. Sustainable (material) choices were already made during the design process. For instance, we opted for a lightweight construction of sustainable wood instead of steel to reduce CO2 emissions.

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Recyclable fabrics with mono backing

The fabrics available for the panels are made of mono-materials. These materials are 100% single-component, such as 100% wool or 100% polyester. These fabrics are suitable for textile recycling at the end of their life cycle. The fabrics have a durable backing; the so-called mono-backing. This is a mono-material made of (recycled) polyester attached to the fabric with a 100% polyester glue. The mono backing is therefore 100% recyclable and the fabrics remain suitable for recycling.

Replaceable fabric cover

The S50 panels include a replaceable fabric cover. So the panels can be easily rejuvenated with a new cover and the old cover can be recycled. 

Recycled acoustic filling

The acoustic filling for the S50 panels consists of 77% recycled textile waste from the clothing and interior design sector. This saves up to 50% in CO2 emissions compared to acoustic material made from virgin raw materials*. The material is not glued and is therefore easy to remove and can be re-used, for example in the Ahrend Revived Collection, or recycled.This allows us to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 50% compared to acoustic material from virgin raw materials.* The material is not glued, and is therefore easy to detach and can be reused, for example in the Ahrend Revived Collection, or recycled. The technical lifespan of the material is up to 75 years. So it can last for several life cycles.

*This calculation is based on a comparison made between PET fibre acoustic material from virgin raw materials and recycled acoustic material consisting of 77% textile waste.

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