Passion, craftsmanship, responsibility, partnership and our focus on solutions

Success is reflected not only in targets and results, but also in how we treat each other. To be a successful company, we need to have shared values, as this creates team spirit, commitment and a sense of being connected. We create our own success stories and continue to grow steadily, surprising ourselves with the results.

With passion, enthusiasm, and the will to learn
We have a shared goal: the passion to make perfect furniture and the will to design a workspace in such a way that every detail is right. Our objective is always to provide a pleasant and comfortable working environment for people and to satisfy our customers. We do everything we can to achieve this objective, which is why we want to learn everything about our business and enjoy sharing our knowledge. What could be better than improving people’s working environments and helping companies achieve their goals?

With respect and responsibility for humans and the environment
We believe in high quality products: when it comes to office furniture, ours may not be the cheapest, but it does provide the best value for money. Our products are made for the long term, being of a high quality and featuring classic design. We respect people and the environment: we make sustainable products and use environmentally friendly materials, which we use to create healthy and safe workspaces. A number of our products are Cradle to Cradle Certified TM: by the time the item has reached the end of its lifecycle, all parts can be recycled and reused.

Professional skill - Craftsmanship
The entire organisation works with dedication and precision
We demonstrate professional skill in everything we do. Our consultants create the very best office interiors in line with the highest ergonomic standards. Our designers are professionals who advise customers on workspace layout, calculating the number of square metres with the workspaces as a precondition. Based on the ergonomic and design advice provided, our account managers then present the customer with a sales proposal and highlight the benefits of our products over those of our competitors. Our production workers have an eye for detail and make high quality furniture. Our transport department ensures items arrive on time and intact and our fitters bring order to the confusion caused by relocation and are available to provide advice. We’re all professionals, and that’s central to our role as industry experts.

Team work
People in different departments and different countries work together
Ahrend customers interact with various types of professionals, all of whom contribute to the successful delivery of a project. This ranges from interior designers to account managers and from sales representatives to drivers and fitters. To ensure our customers can keep track of the process, collaboration is essential. This is why we work for our customers as a single Ahrend team, presenting a consistent image to the outside world. We achieve this by collaborating as much as we can: across departments and national boundaries. We assess each other’s qualities and work closely together.

Solution Driven
Providing profitable customer-based solutions
Customers tend to only see the financial aspect of office design, when in fact it is a multi-faceted issue. As experts, we provide the solution: we know that if employees feel at home in the workplace, they are more productive and ultimately far more valuable to their organisation. From our consultants to our engineers, all of our employees are committed to finding the best possible solution for our customers, without losing sight of Ahrend’s interests in the process. This allows us to provide value added products and services for which our customers are happy to pay an appropriate price, regardless of economic conditions. Once we have delivered their brand new interior solution, they can justifiably say they made the right decision in choosing Ahrend.