Two Good Industrial Design recognitions for Ahrend

Wednesday November 7th, the recognitions for Good Industrial Design (GIO) were awarded in the Cube design museum in Kerkrade. The independent judge awarded both the Ahrend Comfort Workstation as the Ahrend Loungescape Powernap with a distinction for good design.

Edwin Rijkse, Category Manager Workspaces: "We are proud of the received GIO recognitions, that combine knowledge, craftmanship and design. The recognitions demonstrate the importance of innovative solutions for a vital work environment. Places where people work, meet, relax and literally recharge. This way, you get the most of out of yourself and each other. The positive reactions during Dutch Design Week show that a vital work environment is a lasting trend!"

Recognition: Ahrend Comfort Workstation | Take control of your own desk
With the Comfort Workstation, Ahrend brings the concept of 'personal adaptability' to a whole new level. The integral high-tech solution is in its basis a workspace of designer Marck Haans from the Balance range. As an addition the user can adjust climate, temperature and lighting to their own preference. With the Smart Working App from Ahrend, the desk even adjusts itself automatically to the preferences of each individual user.

With the fan on the table top and integrated heating, everyone can create their own micro-climate. The lighting adjusts itself automatically during the work day, with shades of blue in the morning and shades of red at the end of the day. This way efficient and healthy working gets facilitated optimally, because not only the productivity of the user increases, also the power consumption of buildings for heating, cooling and lighting reduces between 25 and 45%.

Recognition: Ahrend Loungescape Powernap | Recharge yourself
Taking a nap at work is getting more and more popular. Research shows that a short period of rest from 10 to 15 minutes contributes positively to someone's productivity, concentration and creative capacity. To facilitate a powernap, Ahrend developed the Loungescape Powernap with designer Basten Leijh. The half-open lounger offers enough privacy for a comfortable powernap. The whole-body-vibration matrass, powered by Neurosonic, supports relaxation. Ahrend also applied its Cradle to Cradle philosophy, meaning that for this case no glue connections were used and that the Loungescape Powernap can be re-upholstered.

Exposition in the Cube design museum Kerkrade
This year, the GIO recognition was a guest of the Dutch Design Week for the second year in a row. Partner Cube design museum was responsible for the design and production of the exhibition in Eindhoven. After the Dutch Design Week, the stand moved to the Cube design museum in Kerkrade, where all recognitions are showed for two months from now on. Cube design museum is the first museum in the Netherlands fully dedicated to design that impacts the world.

About the GIO recognitions
GIO honors the craftsmanship of designer and producer. To qualify for this recognition, a product must meet requirements in terms of aesthetics, functionality, innovation, and choice of materials.

The annual award of the GIO is organised by Design Link. Design Link is an independent organisation that brings supply, knowledge and policy in the field of product design together. It aims to encourage and promote the development and professionalisation of industrial design in the Netherlands. GIO recognitions are being issued since 1986.

Ahrend Comfort Workstation

Ahrend Loungescape Powernap