Dutch Design Center hosts and exhibits at Dubai Design Week 2017

Between 13 and 18 November 2017 The Dutch Design Center (DDC), together with Dutch Creative Industry (DCI), is participating in the Dubai Design Week 2017.

Between 13 and 18 November 2017 The Dutch Design Center (DDC), together with Dutch Creative Industry (DCI), is participating in the Dubai Design Week 2017 with an inspiring keynote evening, ‘DDC Talks’ and an exhibition. The Dubai Design Week is the perfect opportunity for DDC to bring Dutch Design to Dubai. 

The keynote program will take place on Tuesday the 14th, starting at 6PM at DXBDW Mainstage. The theme for this year is: ‘transformation’, with a focus on the two-way influence between city and design. The Dutch Design Center is happy to invite Dutch speakers Thom Aussems (Sint Trudo, Strijp-S), Stefan de Koning (MVRDV Architects) and Laura Taylor (Philips Lighting). For the exhibition, open for the public all days during the week, The Dutch Design Center has partnered with Dutch initiative NE-AR and proudly presents ‘Dutch Design’ by Studio Mieke Meijer and Olivier van Herpt.

DDC Talks
During DDC Talks the speakers will all share their insights on how the city can be transformed into a more liveable and creative place and what the influence of the surroundings are for design. The ‘transformation in design’ theme will shed light on the human-centered and interdisciplinary processes that seek to achieve sustainable changes in behaviour of individuals, buildings and cities. Thom Aussems will speak about the transformation of industrial areas within the city, more specifically the Strijp-S design district in Eindhoven. Stefan de Koning will focus on transformation in existing urban structures and will show MVRDV’s response to global trends. Laura Taylor’s talk will be more human-centered and focusses on the role of design in leadership and how Philips uses this to innovate in a meaningful way. There will be room for questions and discussion afterwards.

Studio Mieke Meijer and Olivier van Herpt will both exhibit at Unit 6.2, Building 6 in D3, open to public every day.

  • Studio Mieke Meijer is a collaboration between Mieke Meijer and Roy Letterlé. They work on self-initiated and commissioned projects in the field of furniture, lighting and product design. Rational construction, tangible materiality and tectonic detailing are the fundamentals of the studio’s strong and recognizable signature. These specific characteristics often relate directly to their architectural references.
  • Olivier van Herpt works at the intersection of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary industrial design. He focuses on the technology separating these two domains. Unhappy with the limitations of existing 3D printers, both in scale and degree of achievable detail, Van Herpt—with endless patience and curiosity—designed a machine capable of printing forms many times bigger, more complex, and more delicate than anything possible thus far. Using his 3D printer and malleable clay he has developed a new visual language, creating attractive forms and textures that evoke science fiction, origami designs, traditional weaving, cacti, or ancient weathered rock.

About the organiser: Dutch Design Center
The Dutch Design Center in Dubai is an inspiring online and offline platform for the best and latest of Dutch design that aims to spark unique collaborations internationally. Building an inclusive and dynamic community is one of the Dutch Design Center’s main strategic priorities; to exchange knowledge, educate, unlock business opportunities and innovate across borders. The Dutch Design Center is a collaborative initiative of leading Dutch firms: Hunter Douglas, Keller Kitchens, Royal Ahrend and Skyne. DDC is a member of the Dutch Creative Industry; a strategic and unique partnership with the Dutch government.