Ahrend wins two GIO Special Awards for Excellence

During the annual presentation of Good Industrial Design (GIO), five Special Awards for Excellence were also awarded. The Ahrend Working Smart App won in the category Respect and Ahrend Balance in the Design category.

Monday the 24th of October, the Special Awards for Excellence GIO (Good Industrial Design) 2016 were awarded during the Dutch Design Week 2016, in Eindhoven. From the already given recognitions, five products could also win an award for the GIO Special Awards for Excellence. We are proud, because two out of five products in the Awards for Excellence were handed to Ahrend. The Ahrend Smart Woking App won an award in the category Respect and the Ahrend Balance for its Design. Earlier this month, Ahrend Aero, Ahrend Balance, Ahrend Smart Working App and Ahrend SQALA already received a GIO recognition. 

Arnold Struik, Concept & Design Director at Ahrend:“We already were incredibly proud of the four GIO recognitions 2016 we received earlier this month. That the Ahrend Smart Working App and the Ahrend Balance are also honored with a GIO Special Award for Excellence, makes it even more special. On the one hand these awards confirm were Ahrend is positioned; creating smart and healthy work environments in which our products are the result of our knowledge, expertise and passion for design. On the other hand these awards are a recognition to everyone inside and outside the organization that has contributed to the development and success of these two product innovations. It's a reward for all the work that is done, together as a team."

Award winning Ahrend Balance in category Design

In the category Design, Ahrend Balance received a Special Award for Excellence, a design of Marck Haans.

Ergonomists and doctors all agree that a whole day sitting at desk working is bad for your health. Some publications even mentioned it as ‘sitting is the new smoking’. Alternating sitting and standing on a work day promotes your health. To facilitate this, Ahrend designer Marck Haan designed the Ahrend Balance system that is developed including a sit-stand furniture. The table top is electrically adjustable in height from 65 to 130 centimeters.

The jury: “Ahrend Balance received a GIO recognition two years ago and with the sit / stand option GIO emphasizes the importance of diversity in a workspace.”

Ahrend Balance: the perfect balance between ergonomics, design and functionality 

Award winning Ahrend Smart Working App in category Respect

In the category Respect it’s all about in-depth product innovations with social relevance. This is awarded to the Ahrend Smart Working App. Different researches show that people work better together if they are near to each other. Thereby, collaborative working spaces are the most relevant reason for flexworkers to come to the office. However, in an office with flexible workstations it can be difficult to find colleagues and it is often not clear which workplaces are free. Because of that reason Ahrend developed the Ahrend PuK 2 in combination with the Ahrend Working Smart App.

The Ahrend PuK 2 is a wireless charging station for your smartphone, which is also used to check in at a workplace. The Smart Working App gives an overview of all available workstations and gives real time insights where colleagues are sitting. Facility managers can retrieve with this app that provides insights into the use of different types of workplaces. Because of this possibility, they are able to use the office space more efficiently, which will turn leads to lower energy, cleaning and maintenance costs.

The jury: "The peculiarity of the Smart Working App is that it is useful to both office workers and facility managers. Knowledge about the use of office space not only makes a positive contribution to the efficiency and costs, but also ensures that future office buildings will be designed better. Therefore, this product deserves the Special Award Respect. "

GIO honors the craftsmanship of designer and producer. To qualify for this recognition, a product must meet requirements in terms of aesthetics, functionality, innovation, and choice of materials.

The annual award of the GIO is organized by Design Link. Design Link is an independent organization that brings supply, knowledge and policy in the field of product design together. It aims to encourage and promote the development and professionalization of industrial design in the Netherlands. This year (2016), GIO exists 30 years.