Timeless Design at Dutch Design Week 2016

During Dutch Design Week 2016, Timeless Design will be exposed in the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven from 22 - 30 October.

 Ahrend presents its timeless design on Dutch Design Week 2016

In the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven, timeless design will be exposed during the Dutch Design Week 2016. Ahrend believes the most sustainable product is a beautiful timeless product, that has the capability to live endlessly. This fits in with the ‘No Waste’ theme of the Klokgebouw. The design philosophy of Ahrend will be expressed with design classics Ahrend Revolt (1953) and Ahrend Mehes (1974). Visitors experience a sharp contrast in workplaces between 'then and now' with timeless design as a statement. A sneak preview can be seen on the special theme page

Design is a tradition, not a trend

Ahrend’s design philosophy 'Design is a tradition, not a trend' will be will be expressed with design icons Ahrend Revolt (1953) and Ahrend Mehes (1974). On one hand a 70’s workplace and on the other hand a contemporary setting including innovative workplace solutions such the Ahrend PuK en the Ahrend Smart Working App.

No Waste – the Klokgebouw

Ahrend strives for the most sustainable solution: timeless, beautiful products of such quality that they can be reused endlessly. This is in line with the 'No Waste’ theme of the Klokgebouw at DDW16.

Visit Ahrend on DDW 2016

  • Het Klokgebouw - Hal 2
  • Klokgebouw 50, 5617 AB Eindhoven
  • Opening Hours (22-30 October)
  • Daily: 11am – 18pm
  • Tickets: Buy your ticket here
  • More information about the DDW 2016: www.ddw.nl

More information

  • More information can be found on www.ahrend.com/DDW2016
  • Download all high-res images and texts in our Dropbox