Czech and Dutch art exhibited at the Royal Ahrend showroom in London

The recently opened Ahrend London showroom is showcasing the work of some of the world’s most respected Czech and Dutch artists until 15 January 2016.

The exhibition ‘Czech This Art’ is a collaboration between Czech and Dutch artists, including Leny Aardse, Pavel Roučka, Bořek Šípek en Vladimír Bachořík and gives these European artists the opportunity to present their work in the UK.

Bastiaan Brouns, Managing Director Royal Ahrend UK; ‘Office design and art in a work environment have many things in common. A good combination can reflect the identity of an organisation and contributes to a positive and professional appearance in the office. In addition, research has shown that art in the office encourages creativity and reduces stress of employees. With this Czech this Art exhibition in our recently opened London showroom, visitors can experience how art and office design can strengthen each other’.

The Ahrend London showroom provides a unique platform for press and buyers to interact with artists who work in different mediums including painting, sculpture, glass and multimedia.

Click here for more information about Czech This Art.