Circular design central theme at Ahrend at the Dutch Design Week

Ahrend focusses on circular design during the Dutch Design

  • Ahrend speaks during the Hotspot Circular Economy
  • Circular design of Ahrend at the Klokgebouw
  • Exhibition "The Klokhuis looks for designers'

Hotspot Circular Economy: Sharing 25 years of experience in circular challenges
Ahrend will speak during the Hotspot Circular Economy at the Dutch Design Week on Friday October 23rd, about the topic Circular Challenges: from idea to impact. In an interactive session in which concrete tools are provided, Ahrend will talk about its 25 years of experience in circular business models. Business models such as Furniture as a Service and knowledge sharing regarding circular innovations will be discussed. How do you start circular economy? How do you guarantee this within your organisation?  How do you do this in terms of funding?

100% Sustainable Dutch Design in The Klokgebouw
Also, during the Dutch Design Week circular Ahrend products are shown in The Klokgebouw in Eindhoven; the workplace concept Ahrend Balance and space-in-space solution Flexbox. Last month these products were recognised with the award for Good Industrial Design (GIO). Both are examples of 100% Dutch Design that are designed and manufactured circularly. By already deliberately choosing a modular design in the design phase (separate) product components can easily be replaced and reused in the future. 

Making the world a little better - the Ahrend Fund supports young designers
During the Dutch Design Week, the exhibition "Everyone at the Table" of the design competition 'The Klokhuis looks for designers' is exhibited. This exhibition is made possible by the Ahrend Fund. During this competition for young designers, social design was the central theme. The aim was to encourage the participants in designs that make the world a little better. The exhibition was opened in the City Hall Eindhoven by the Design Councillor of Eindhoven Mary-Ann Schreurs, designer Dirk van der Kooij and The Klokhuis presenter Bart Meijer.