Ahrend assists police in large-scale circular challenge

The contract for furnishing the office buildings of the Dutch police services has been awarded to Ahrend.

After an extensive selection procedure the police services opted for the most sustainable and cost-efficient solution. The police were seeking a partner that would offer them a total package in this respect, and Ahrend will draw up an inventory of the existing office furniture, revitalise it and also provide new furniture. The agreement has been entered into for a two-year period with the option of renewing it twice, for a year each time.

Circular management and revitalising office furniture in practice

The large-scale project entails a complete circular cycle for the office furniture in all the office buildings occupied by the police services, from the inventory and asset management through to revitalisation and reuse, and including any disposal and recycling. Ahrend will assess the condition of the furniture in close consultation with the police. The company has developed a unique asset management system that enables the effective management of the office furniture. This application generates an overview of the numbers and the condition of the furniture present in each location, allowing the police services to decide what furniture can be reused when and where.

‘In many cases revitalisation is a powerful and sustainable alternative to new furniture,’ said Robin Goemans, Managing Director of Ahrend Nederland. ‘Moreover, it is cheaper to replace components and return the furniture in a good-as-new condition. Revitalisation is a major part of Ahrend’s circular process. Because we have been designing our products as modular for years now, we are able to use separate components to upgrade furniture. An example of this would be replacing fixed desk legs with height-adjustable legs, thus ensuring that the revitalised piece of furniture fits in perfectly with the activity-based interior adopted by the police services. We are very proud of the fact that we are assisting the police in the largest circular and logistical challenge in the Netherlands in our sector.’

Sustainable and cost-effective

From the point of view of sustainability and savings, reusing furniture already present was very important to the police services. The police and Ahrend will endeavour to undertake the revitalisation on location, insofar as is possible. That will not only result in savings, it will also mean the reduced consumption of raw materials and lower COemissions. The intention of the contract is to both take the load off the police support services as well as to work with a company that can offer a total package where the police deal with only one contact-person throughout the job. Ahrend has demonstrated to the police that all of this is possible.