Ahrend introduces Team_Up: the new standard in Smarter Working

During the 'Facility Exhibition', from 16 to 18 January 2013 in the Brabanthallen in Den Bosch, Ahrend introduces its new line of furniture: Ahrend Team_Up (designed by Marck Haans) with a new table top, the MonoTop. Due to its modular structure Team_Up facilitates all types of Smarter Working. Also Ahrend Unit (designed by Paul Linse) will be introduced at the Facility Exhibition. This product complements the successful Soft Seating range of Ahrend.

Ahrend Team_Up
Ahrend Team_Up fits perfectly within the core philosophy of Ahrend, which is summarized in three words: functional, sustainable design. Team_Up meets strict standards and can easily be adjusted. The product features individual work adjustments (mechanical or electrical). This has the advantage that you can work sitting or standing.

The modular design of the Ahrend Team_up allows fast switching. From solo to duo workplace and any desired multiple. The connecting panels (50 or 80 mm thick) of Ahrend Team_Up characterize the special appearance. They dampen the noise and make all cables and connections invisible. The height of these panels varies: 93, 118 and 143 cm. The highest version creates visual calm and makes concentrated and standing work possible. The lower leg walls are aligned for teamwork and consultation. The middle leg walls are there for the alternation between concentration and communication. Ahrend Team_Up is easy to adapt to individual needs. The side panels can be covered with perforated steel, wood or fabric print. With Team_Up all forms of Smarter Working will be supported and with Team_Up work environments will be 'Humanising' again.

To the best Ahrend tradition Team_Up is a sustainable product. Through clever engineering has Team_Up fewer parts, less weight and a low CO2 footprint.

Designer Marck Haans explains: "The modular furniture system Ahrend Team_Up is versatile and supports all forms of Smarter Working. Design, colors and materials create a pleasant and positive radiation. That translates into job satisfaction and productivity. Ahrend Team_Up is the result of intensive consultations with architects, facility managers and users. That close cooperation is reflected in the name."

Ahrend MonoTop
The table tops can be performed with the new seamless Ahrend MonoTop (edge laser technology). With the so-called laser edge technology, desks and tabletops will be much neater and they have a more durable finish. The edges will be fused tightly against the core material (such as chipboard) by laser, with no visible seam. This does not only lead to an aesthetically appealing product, but also to a water-resistant compound, which prevents moisture from penetrating into the fiber sheet, so that it would be able to expand.

Ahrend Unit
Ahrend Unit was designed by Paul Linse. This new Soft Seatingproduct consists of three modular elements which numerous shapes and configurations can be made. Ahrend unit fits perfectly into the Soft Seating range, which also includes the highly successful Ahrend 750 Lounge and Ahrend Loungescape. Ahrend Unit is ideal for informal meetings.

Paul Linse about Ahrend Unit: "An increasing part of our lives takes place in public spaces. In those places you not only want comfort and safety, but also quality time. My design philosophy is based on simplicity, clarity and transparency: what, where, and why? In other words, first look for which a space is intended for. "