Ahrend receives five GIO Awards

On October 22, four Ahrend products received Good Industrial Design Recognition Awards 2013: Ahrend Team_Up, Ahrend 190, Ahrend 456 and the Ahrend sliding door cabinet. Ahrend also received the Special Award for design for Seminar table Ahrend 456.

This year, Ahrend walked away with no fewer than four GIO Recognition Awards and a Special Award for design. Marketing Director Gideon van der Burg says, “The GIO Awards are the pre-eminent hallmark of good industrial design in the Netherlands. We are enormously proud to have had four of our products honoured this year and that Ahrend 456 received the Special Award for design.” 

Ahrend 456 | intelligent classroom desk
The Ahrend 456, designed by Kees de Boer, is an intelligent and highly stable classroom desk which can be used on its own or linked to form rows. It is also easy to stack. The sleek design gives the desk a calm, reliable appearance, and allows Ahrend to make the best use of space in universities and polytechnics. The Ahrend classroom desk is stable and adaptable, and is also highly suitable for use outside of educational institutions. Besides a GIO Award, Ahrend 456 also received a Special Award for design. According to the jury, the design of the seminar table is in the spirit of Friso Kramer: minimalistic with maximum functionality.

Ahrend Team_Up | modular office system
The Ahrend Team_Up, designed by Marck Haans, was conceived in response to the many methods of working encompassed by the concept of Smarter Working. Haans developed a modular platform which was flexible enough for a broad range of applications, from groups working together and sitting on benches, to individuals working alone in quiet concentration. Considerable thought was given to making intelligent use of a variety of materials to offer architects, facility managers and users a broad range of solutions, both in terms of design and functionality, and in the area of acoustics. 

Ahrend 190 | colourful office chair
The Ahrend 190, designed by Kees de Boer, is a comfortable office chair with adjustable lumbar support. With its colourful backrest, this chair makes a bold, graphic statement. The Ahrend 190 also has multiple colour options to make office space more cheerful. Kind to the back and to the pocket, this colourful chair is a perfect fit for any space.
Ahrend sliding door cabinet | minimalist design The Ahrend sliding door cabinet is characterised by clean design and strong appeal. It comes in a wide range of sizes, making it suitable for many different settings. The cabinet is particularly suitable for open-plan office concepts, to divide up spaces and shorten reverberation times. 

All of the Ahrend products honoured with prizes fit seamlessly into the Ahrend design tradition; namely, that interior products must be functional, durable and attractive. The products evoke calm and simplicity, which makes them an excellent fit for all types of settings. They work particularly well in environments where furniture is used to make a clear statement, without necessarily needing to be the centre of attention. 

About the GIO Recognition Awards
The GIO Recognition Awards give Ahrend the right to use the GIO logo in connection with all key components of the product in question. 

These awards honour the craftsmanship of both designer and manufacturer. To receive an award, a product must meet a range of requirements related to aesthetics, functionality, innovation and choice of materials.

The annual conferring of the GIO Recognition Awards is organised by Designlink. Designlink is an independent organisation which draws together the demand, supply, knowledge and policy in the field of product design. Its objective is to foster and promote the development and professionalisation of industrial design in the Netherlands.