Successful seminar on November 22 Utrecht

On 22 November, Ahrend and BakkerElkhuizen organized a seminar about Smart Working and and safety regulations and contracting in Utrecht.

The new Procurement was addressed and specialists spoke about the developments in the field of standards and legislation. With a rise of almost 70 guests, the hall was well filled.

The welcome address was given by Peter-Paul Hendrikx, managing director Ahrend Netherlands. Under the leadership of chairman Astrid Feiter the morning went very smoothly and there were a lot of interesting discussions.

The first speaker was Peter van Scheijndel, director of VHP Ergonomics. He spoke about the NPR 1813 and he showed the visitors with concrete examples that it is important that you are critical of your requirements and see which aspects are really important. Then Martin Kunst spoke. Martin is an inspectorate SZW / Working and spoke about applying Smart Working and dilemmas that may occur. Also a piece of legislation was addressed, such as liability. After the break it was the word of lawyer Frederick Nouhuys and jurist Jan van Noord. They gave explanations on the legal side and the pitfalls to come into play.

After the seminar there was a lunch ready and there was room for networking. We look back on a very successful morning and we thank everyone for coming.