Schoolbuiling as a sparkling business card

The building in Almere was originally intended as an office. But now it is transformed into a beautiful schoolbuilding. With this Windesheim Flevoland has become a sparkling business card for students, staff and the municipality of Almere.

The nine-story building has an area of 10,000 square meters. 1,200 college students are going to school now. The atmosphere is inspiring, personal and transparent. The device is based on three basic principles of the college: work, learn and meet.

Custom color per floor
Ahrend supplied the class and workplace furniture, including the interior of the auditorium with a hundred seats, and furniture for the study landscapes. In general, it is quietly furniture without much fuss. The floors, where the various programs are housed, have their own color. This gives each floor a face, it is an environment where students spend a large part of the day and where they should feel at home. Students are invited to activity and encounter, while employees use flexible workstations.