Purchasing Cradle to Cradle: this is how it works

The Cradle to Cradle philosophy is gaining ground. But how do you put it into practice, for example when purchasing products or services? Anne-Marie Bor, which facilitates companies towards C2C and recently spoke at the C2C Cafe, gives 4 tips and points of attention.

  • First see what C2C principles fit into your organization, emphasized Bor. "Do you want to promote the cycle of materials, do you want to focus on healthy materials or do you want to use renewable energy? Of these goals, you can deduce criteria that can include in the tender or procurement process. "The C2C Learning Community, in which Ahrend participated, has set up a comprehensive mindmap with C2C points.
  • Also keep the bigger picture in mind. "With the energy management of an entire building is energy to be gained, while the choice of chairs and carpet affects the quality of the indoor environment.
  • C2C purchasing benefits from innovative ways of purchasing and tendering. "You can think of a lease construction. Then you do not purchase seats, but you look for a supplier that ensures that all employees can sit for thirty years. It is also useful to advance your light to stabbing in the industry. So you can take maximum advantage of the latest developments or even through co-creation you can reach your goal together. 
  • Except for the procurement criteria C2C has also consequences for the organization and collaboration with suppliers, "If you are aiming to complete the circuit, you can not buy without thinking of the use and disposal phases. Then there might be multiple departments and budgets involved. Also, different departments cooperate more, think of the purchasing, facility management and waste management. The catering you buy, the packaging method you choose in the canteen and waste management together determine whether waste material is again.