Outside meetings and durable adhesive

Sustainable furnishing is much more than Cradle to Cradle chairs and recyclable carpet. Six tips from an expert: Vincent van der Meulen, associated partner at Kraaijvanger architects and a specialist in sustainable building and decorating. In 2011 he was elected one of the forty most important young designers in Europe.

  • Do not only look at the product, but also to the implementation and maintenance. "Many sustainable products, such as carpets, can only be used with a non-sustainable product, such as glue. Look for other options, such as Ahrend has done with the C2C paint for its furniture. If a producer notices that there is a demand, he thinks about it. This promotes innovation. "
  • Also consider a lease construction. 'Furniture Manufacturers then do not sell desks, but provide a service for leasing desks for a number of years. They can then offer this used furniture in a lower price segment. Or they can disassemble the parts or raw materials and re-use them. Here are the first steps taken and I expect a lot. "
  • Pay attention to a healthy work environment. "Within sustainability health is becoming more and more important. Plants at workstations for example is incomprehensible in standards, but people find it clearly fine. In the town hall we designed for Haren, you look at 'green' from every workstation: on the balconies or on the facade of a living, green wall. "
  • Challenge the users of the building by showing them the consequences of their actions. "Think of offices where you can adjust the temperature for each room. There you can get big profit if people, when they put up the temperature for two degrees, on their computer see how much extra energy that costs. Such capabilities often fall through the cracks because they lie at the intersection of installation, configuration and ICT. Put those parties together to find a solution to invent. "
  • Align the outside in. "The town hall in Venlo we equipped workstations and meeting space outside. Since you use no energy for things like lighting and ventilation, you also need less square footage in the inside.
  • Increase the impact by showing you sustainability measures. "In Venlo, the purified water is used by plants, so it can be discharged into the surface instead of the sewer. The purification is done in a patio, so that employees and visitors can see what happens. That can bring them ideas to yourself to do something. "