Ahrend wins prestigious American design awards

Four Ahrend products have been awarded a 'Good Design Award' by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design: the Ahrend 380 chair and table, the Ahrend 463 visitors chair and the Ahrend 2020 office chair.

Ahrend 2020 (Paul Brooks)

The Ahrend 2020 office chair is the new standard when it comes to sustainability, personal comfort and ergonomics. The office chair, which has won a Cradle to Cradle certificate, was designed by Paul Brooks. The transparency of the back and the slender design make this chair into a recognizable Ahrend product: sustainable design, 'less is more', functional and aesthetic.

Ahrend 380 by Ineke Hans

Ahrend 380 is a contemporary combination of a wonderful chair and table, which feels at home in all environments; conference and meeting spaces, but also in trendy restaurants, company restaurants and at home.

The Ahrend 380 chair Ineke Hans has designed, is made entirely of recyclable plastic. The seat comprises both recycled and recyclable PET. The flexible backrest is a separate unit that slides into the seat, making the chair extremely comfortable. The table has design features that are repeated playfully in the chair - for example, both have legs with a scalene triangular cross-section.

Ahrend 463 (Sigurd Rothe)

"A product has to resonate with people, make them feel attached to it," is how Sigurd Rothe explains his design philosophy. "This applies equally to the Ahrend 463." The design of the chair is attractive and elegant. Ahrend 463 has a steel frame for optimum stability. A curve in the bucket seat gives it extra depth and adds an air of elegance to the design. The line of the optional armrest is continued in the read leg, giving the chair a dynamic, light-footed look. The Ahrend 463 chair is available in two stackable four-legged versions and a cantilever version.