Paul Linse


Paul Alexander Linse graduated cum laude at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, in 1987, where he would later teach interior design for ten years. Driven by an intense passion for interior design and decorating he explored his profession in the broadest sense, creating extravagant productions as a design editor for leading design and decoration magazines and designing tapestries and furniture. In 1999, he founded Studio Linse, where he develops complete public spaces, commercial environments and highly exclusive private residencies and yachts.


Whether working on a large scale for Schiphol Airport or creating the smaller boutiques for the domestic catering formula Fishes, for Paul Linse the consumer always remains his focal point. As he says: ”In the 21st century people are spending a significant part of their daily life in public spaces, while still craving comfort and security. Therefore, creating intimacy within larger spaces is always key to my designs. In this way, waiting time becomes quality time.” Paul Linse feels every environment should express the identity of the client. ”An interior is like clothing: it is both functional and aesthetic, it has the power to affect your daily life, and it conveys a personal statement. This is why I believe in a creative collaboration with our clients, employing our vision and expertise to realise their dreams.” Paul Linse shares his expert vision and sense of style as a frequent guest on national television and regularly gives lectures and seminars tailored to businesses and design professionals.