Laura Brussaard

About Laura

Laura Brussaard was born in 1995. In September 2012 she began full of energy with her studies Product Design at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Laura's story

Imagine Laura, 17 years old and full of energy. As a first-year student in the Project Design programme, she is starting to make her dreams come true – designing furniture aimed at making members of vulnerable groups feel safe. Three months in, Laura begins to feel unwell; she is tired and occasionally dizzy. Her symptoms are vague and give her doctor no cause for alarm. The diagnosis: fatigue and a touch of flu coming on. But as it turns out, something much more serious is going on – Laura dies four days later. She has suffered acute cardiac arrest as a result of a deep vein thrombosis, accompanied by a massive pulmonary embolism. Her life cut short before it has truly begun. Shortly before her death, Laura had begun taking birth control pills to combat her severe menstrual cramps. No one knew of her genetic predisposition which, taken in combination with the pill, increased her risk of developing thrombosis. No one foresaw her risk – let alone the fatal consequences. With the LAURA® chair, the Project Laura Foundation and Ahrend are carrying on her vision. In this way, the Foundation hopes to foster raised awareness among physicians in order to help them be more vigilant about this dangerous combination of factors. Would you like to learn more about the Project Laura Foundation, or make a contribution today? Visit for additional information.