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Royal Ahrend factory in Sint Oedenrode SP03
Royal Ahrend factory in Sint Oedenrode SP16

Sustainable to the core of our company

We do this with the best and most sustainable products manufactured in our own production sites. In these locations we produce with minimal impact on the environment and with maximum focus on our employees. We are proud of the sustainable achievements we have achieved and like to share our sustainable success. As a transparent and social enterprise, we regularly open our largest production site, Sint-Oedenrode to show what sustainability at Ahrend looks like in practice.

Ambitious we will continue to move forward

As a pioneer in our industry, we are increasingly setting ourselves more ambitious goals to harm the earth as little as possible. Our strategy is outlined in our Corporate Social Responsibility program 2025.

Sustainable Design

Our products are characterised by our sustainable credentials, inspired by Friso Kramer and designed from his philosophy "less is more" – the art of omitting – a philosophy which naturally suits our circular vision. For 125 years we have been designing products that are timeless and last a lifetime.

Read more about circular and sustainable design here
Coloured Portrait of Friso Kramer with blueprint of Revolt chair
‘For 125 years we have been designing products that are timeless and last a lifetime.’
Royal Ahrend service maintenance 05

Closing the loop

Our products are always modular and we only use the best materials. From drawing designs to the end of the life of our products, we fully consider the life cycle. That's why we also offer services to maximise the life span of our products. For example, Furniture as a Service, revitalisation and maintenance.

Working together for a circular economy

We make a difference with our enthusiastic employees, who design ever better and smarter products. But only, together with our partners, suppliers and customers, can we really make a difference.
Royal Ahrend factory in Sint Oedenrode SP11A
Black and white portrait of Dionne Ewen

Interested to know how you can work with us?

Our sustainability expert Dionne Ewen would love hear from you!

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